WNDW @ 943 E 10th Ave

WNDW @ 943 E 10th Ave

So excited to announce the next WNDW show will be from February 20th – March 6th at 943 E 10th Ave, featuring The Cactus Packing Project, a joint initiative by artists Jasmine Baetz and Christian Vistan.

The Opening and Artist talk will happen at the WNDW on Feb 21st from 2-4pm and I will be giving a tour of the exhibition on March 5th at 1130am.

Baetz and Vistan are interested in their nomadic identities and personal histories. The Cactus Packing Project is an ongoing collaboration that grew out of the time Vistan and Baetz spent in Vancouver together, and is inspired by the sculptural assemblage forms that Baetz’s cactus, Jorge, took when packed for a move.

In 2014, Baetz and Vistan started sending cacti to each other in the post, observing and documenting the symptoms and logistics of border-crossing transactions and transitory bodies, such as the cacti.

Baetz, originally from Ontario has resided in Mexico, British Columbia, and the United States, and is currently based in Boston; while Vistan, originally from Bataan, Philippines, currently resides in Vancouver. Both Baetz and Vistan are interested in how this jumble of locations and their specific histories relate to their respective identities. In confronting this puzzle of identity, Baetz and Vistan are considering how locales and local histories relate to their work and to the larger issues of displacement, nomads and nomadism(s).

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WNDW Info Sessions

WNDW Info Sessions

Hi Neighbours!

I’m hoping to expand a curatorial project I’ve been working on for the past year into the Burrard View neighbourhood.

WNDW is an itinerant gallery space that inhabits residential windows. The project aims to bring contemporary art out of self-selecting high culture areas placing it directly into the quotidian life of the residential street. WNDW is also a capacity building project- supporting Vancouver’s emerging artists by providing them with an innovative space to diaplay their work as well as supporting them financially through the payment of artist fees.

I’m looking for some community partners who would be willing to host WNDW galleries in their houses!

Can’t picture it? Here’s some documentation of our first installation last October.

Want to see it in action? Our next installation is Feb 20 – March 6 at 943 E 10th Ave.

More questions? check out this FAQ

Or stop by the field house during one of the following info sessions:

Feb 11, 2016 at 7pm
Feb 13, 2016 at 3pm
Feb 27, 2016 at 3pm

hope to see you there!


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Upcoming Event: Accessorize for Success

Upcoming Event: Accessorize for Success

I’m happing to be hosting the Vancouver Metal Arts Association’s (VMAA) semi-annual Accessorize for Success workshop this Saturday October 17th from 2-4pm at the fieldhouse.


The Vancouver Metal Arts Association (VMAA) is a not-for-profit community organization of  jewellers, blacksmiths, sculptors, mixed-media artists, enamelists, and others who work with metal or have an interest in contemporary jewellery and adornment. I have formal training as a jeweller, and worked as a jewellery designer while in art school, I currently serve on the board of the VMAA as the vice-president, and have a curatorial interest in contemporary jewellery.


Here is the description of Accessorize for Success from their facebook page:

In this workshop we clean, sort, and replace parts on second hand jewellery. Bring your soldering, polishing and assembling skills to help restore used jewellery to a wearable condition. The work is then donated to Dress for Success which is a non- profit organization that gives an outfit to unemployed woman to attend job interviews.

Please bring a basic set of pliers. Clasps, jump rings and other findings or stringing materials you would be willing to donate.

Snacks are welcome but not necessary, some light refreshments will be provided.

We are also looking for donations of gently used silver or costume jewellery.

While the workday is oriented towards individuals with jewellery construction skills, we welcome anyone who is interested to by on Saturday October 17th from 2-4pm. If you would like to donate your used jewellery to the program feel free to drop it by the fieldhouse anytime!

For more information about the VMAA check out their facebook page.




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July @ Burrardview: The School for Eventual Vacancy

July @ Burrardview: The School for Eventual Vacancy

I was excited to be able to invite the School for Eventual Vacancy to the fieldhouse for the month of July. I’ve been participating to a varying degree in this project since is started in May of this year. The school operates as a place to examine education as both a creative practice and political subjectivity.

Over the course of the month the School hosted 6 workshops based on the theme of Extra+Para Curricular Activities lead by myself, Joe O’Brien, Justin Langlois, and Andrew Phillips.

Check out the photos on my photo stream & if you want to play the version of Monopoly developed at our first session Eventually Capitalism Wins: Slowing Monopoly check out TSFEV participant Christian Vistan’s No Shoes Reading Room (a part of the Vancouver Art Book Fair) on Sunday October 18th 2-4pm, Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd Floor, Room 301.

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Coming in July…. The School for Eventual Vacancy

Coming in July…. The School for Eventual Vacancy

I’ve been a participant-instructor in a free school project that has been running for the past few months, and am excited to say that the school will be based out of my fieldhouse for the month of July.

Here’s some information about the school from its website:

The School for Eventual Vacancy operates as an ongoing exploration of education as creative practice and political subjectivity. It tries to find the power to make itself unnecessary and vacant. It is open to anyone interested in art and design-based discourse and production. It is an art school that has no interest in the current models of the art schools.

The School runs as an ongoing series of loosely connected sessions, two days a week for one month at a time. At the end of each month, the need for the school will be revisited and systematically vacated if necessary. The school is free to all. Informal accreditation can be offered, but is highly discouraged. Curriculum is led by the research interests of three instructors for each session’s students, with an underlying concern for the necessary maintenance of The School towards its eventual vacancy.

You can read more about the July 2015 session and enroll here. Space is limited.

Instructors are provided the opportunity to lead the group in any lesson, exercise, production, research, or exploratory activity they see fit as it relates to their own research or the larger interests of The School. In addition to participating in each Instructor’s session, students will negotiate collectively how to spend the time in their own session and can expect the full participation of the Instructors. Each session will culminate in a publication that may include, but will not be limited to, a pamphlet, exhibition, book, documentary, walk, meal, demonstration, or event, designed to offer a sense of summary or closure to the activity. All activities will be documented and archived on a website to be used in perpetuity towards the aims of The School’s eventual vacancy.

The School begins each day with an acknowledgement of the traditional territories on which it is located and ends with an assurance of eventual vacancy.

photo credit: Justin Langlois

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