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FIELD GUIDES: a fieldhouse exhibition at the Roundhouse

FIELD GUIDES exhibition @ the Roundhouse

I'm super excited to share that I'm participating in the FIELD GUIDES exhibition at the Roundhouse Community Centre. 

The exhibition includes work from all the groups participating in the fieldhouse activation program! 

For the exhibition I've brought the Collaborative Embroidery Society to the roundhouse. 

The exhibition is up from September 11 - 24th. 

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Draw Down 2015

Draw Down 2015

Draw Down is an annual city-wide day of drawing workshops organized by the city. From it’s website:

Now in its 6th year, Vancouver Draw Down is an annual celebration of drawing in everyday life that challenges preconceptions about drawing and works to reconnect everyone with the power and creative pleasure of making marks.

Vancouverites of all ages are invited to take part in hands-on drawing events, across the city in community centres, museums, art galleries, and on the street! Workshops, developed and led by professional artists, offer the opportunity to explore drawing in person and online. This day-long, city-wide celebration focuses on the process, pleasure and diversity of drawing, rather than on skill and technical ability.

I participated in this event last year at Access Gallery as part of the group exhibition Break The Legs of What I Want to Happen, and was excited to participate again this year, this time as a fieldhouse artist.

This year I decided to continue a project that I’ve been working on for a few years called The Collaborative Embroidery Society.


For this project I use a giant embroidery hoop (4′ in diameter)


Usually I use the hoop as a jumping off point for accessing an archive of information that is usually unaccessible to me: the knowledge held within the memories of the public. Because this was a project for Draw Down and on Car Free Day, I decided to give this workshop a little more form by drawing a map of the west end onto the fabric I was using.


It was interesting to sit with neighbourhood residents for the day learning about their west end.

IMG_20150620_151526 IMG_20150620_131755


Check out my photostream for more images from the workshop!

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