WNDW + chART: new WNDW gallery opening October 5th @ 2043 14th Ave W

WNDW + chART: new WNDW gallery opening October 5th @ 2043 14th Ave W

I'm very pleased to announce an upcoming collaboration with chART, a public art collective working out of Oak Park Fieldhouse for the next WNDW gallery installation at 2043 w 14th Ave, Vancouver.

Migrations, featuring the work of emerging Vancouver-based sculptor Emily Neufeld and Tehran-based interdisciplinary artist Pegah Tabassinejad, runs from October 5th-19th, with an opening celebration and remarks from curator/project director Lexie Owen + Artist Emily Neufeld on October 5th from 6-9pm.

WHAT: WNDW: Emily Neufeld + Pegah Tabassinejad: Migrations
WHEN: Opening: October 5th 6 - 9pm (with remarks at 7:30)
WHEN: Exhibition: October 5th - 19th
WHERE: 2043 14th Ave w, Vancouver


more about Emily Neufeld

Layers of memory and traces of psychic history accumulate in particular domestic spaces, and Emily's work investigates that lived history through the dialogue between the materials she uses and the spaces she creates. The materials are building materials: concrete, drywall, wood, insulation and glass, as well as dirt. The way the materials interact -- the interplay of different physical textures as well as the associations they precipitate in the viewer's mind -- is very important to the work. Emily is also uses photographs in her artwork, often physically manipulating them to add a sculptural element to an otherwise two-dimensional object.

The work begs the questions: Can a space ever be empty? What fills the spaces between the walls? Where does the content of a house end? At the doorway? In the yard? In the prairie itself? Do some spaces look in while others look out?

Emily was born and raised in Alberta, but now lives and works in Vancouver. Her prairie roots run deep, though the West Coast seems better suited to her ideologies.

more about WNDW

WNDW is an itinerant gallery space that inhabits residential windows. The project aims to bring contemporary art out of self-selecting high culture areas placing it directly into the quotidian life of the residential street. It is also a capacity building project- supporting Vancouver’s emerging artists by providing them with an innovative space to display their work as well as supporting them financially through the payment of artist fees.

Since it's inception in 2015 WNDW has hosted five exhibitions in a variety of residential neighbourhoods around Vancouver, supporting the work of eight emerging artists including TJ McLaughlan, Christian Vistan, Jasmine Baetz, Helena Hsieh, Stefan Sollenius, Ana Carolina von Hertwig, Emily Neufeld and Pegah Tabassinejad.

WNDW is administered through the Park Board’s Fieldhouse Studio Residency program at Burrard View Park, where project director Lexie Owen is currently artist-in-residence.

more about Pegah Tabassinejad

Pegah Tabassinejad is an Interdisciplinary artist with interests in directing experimental performances, net performances and interactive installations. She holds MFA in Interdisciplinary Art at Simon Fraser University and BA in Stage Directing from the Art University in Tehran. She also studied contemporary dance and choreography in Paris at Conservatoire de la Danse.

Her research is mostly around the notion of ‘presence’ with focusing on Gilles Deleuze and Gilbert Simondon. Pegah believes that the boundaries between disparate forms of art are thin; they constantly interact, influence and impact each other. She is recently interested in creating more interdisciplinary projects. As a theatre artist, Pegah is heavily influenced by visual arts especially and is practicing to make her performances between these two disciplines. Influenced by this, she recently created a performance based on Ibsen’s A Doll’s House that was a four-hour durational piece that does and does not happen on the stage. It explored the gap between the virtual and the real, and investigated the absence within the two worlds. She recently had a virtual installation named ‘Monitoring [Tehran]’ at TADAEX04 ( Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition) that had been installed for 12 days, questioning what is the real presence of Tehran dwellers.

Pegah has also created several dance and theatre performances, including her internationally acclaimed performance, Charisma, which has been performed in Iran, Netherlands at Dancing on the Edge Festival and Canada at Push Festival/ Push Off.

more about chART

chART Public Art is a long term research partnership between the community of Marpole and Emily Carr University of Art + Design. The project aims to support public art and community engagement through creativity and innovation. The research focuses on the sustainable cultural, environmental, social, and economic impact of public art within a community.

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WNDW @ Museum of Vancouver’s Why I Design

WNDW @ Museum of Vancouver’s Why I Design

The WNDW project is making an appearance at the MOV’s Why I Design event this friday, November 4th from 7-11.

Come hang out at the MOV, grab a drink and chat with some of Vancouver’s most interesting and innovative designers and creative problem solvers! Looks like it will be a great event.

WNDW will be showing the work of Emily Neufeld, a Vancouver based artist who we will be working with in the coming year.

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WNDW – Portraits

WNDW – Portraits

To wrap up the last WNDW exhibition I hosted a workshop in the big green space between 18th and 19th at Oak st (right behind the house hosting the WNDW) for the kids in the neighbourhood.

This is a pretty special place (the 900 blocks of W 18th & 19th), one of those rare remaining examples of postwar veterans housing that still exist in the city. The heart of this neighbourhood seems to be a block long greenspace in what would regularly be the alley between the two streets.

The 17-units of affordable rental duplexes on this block were colloquially referred to as “The Balfour Estates” up until the land was sold this past August to Wesgroup Properties, moving in onto the slow moving chopping block of redevelopment so many in this city are all too familiar with.

I must admit the kind of childhood that this greenspace makes possible seems rare to find in an urban environment these days. Many of the units are home to young families, and as I was checking out the site for the WNDW show, it was impossible to miss the hoard of kids running around the space. It seemed like a no-brainer to use the space for a workshop.

Thinking about Helena, and her work I decided work with the kids to create their own portraits using an instant camera. I showed them some historical and contemporary examples of portraits, including one of my favs- Nina Katchadourian who has a practice of taking self-portraits in the style of Flemish paintings in the washrooms of airplanes, using whatever props she can find on the plane.

Nina Katchadourian, Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style (2010-)

and also the amazing Cindy Sherman, who has gained wide acclaim for her often eerie and cinematic  self-portraits.

Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still 21 (1978)

From there we talked about the conventions of portrait making, and the kids spent the rest of the time working in small groups creating their own portraits.

needless to say, much fun was had by all, and it was all facilitated by a genius piece of urban planning from a half-century ago. Hopefully however this space is developed in the future, that core piece of green that makes the neighbourhood what it is will survive.

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WNDW @ 936 W 18th

WNDW @ 936 W 18th

New WNDW!!

The next WNDW is happening from April 9th – 24th at 936 W 18th Ave and features the work of Vancouver/LA based painter Helena Hsieh.

We will be hosting an Opening + Artist talk at the WNDW on April 16th from 2 – 4pm, and an all-ages portraiture workshop with me in the green space behind the WNDW on April 24th from 2-4..


The new work featured in Helena Hsieh’s exhibition Pacific Northwest acts as a visual love letter to the misty and atmospheric light that permeates Vancouver during the autumn and winter. Hsieh, a visiting artist at Emily Carr University, has come to Vancouver from the sunnier climes of California, via graduate studies in Boston. Her work takes particular care with light, using it to depict the specificities of site, architectural forms, and emotion. It is perhaps her skill in capturing light that takes the viewer to a mysterious elsewhere- to other places, other times, other moments. Her works are ambiguous, mysterious even with their veiled subjects captured in the mundane moments that so often pass us by. Tying a bow. Eating noodles. Walking on the beach.

These moments are not spectacular, but the care Hsieh takes in capturing their light moves them from the quotidian to the extraordinary, a shift that reminds us that these are the quiet and intimate moments that accumulate to make up a life.


Helena Hsieh (b. 1982 in Long Beach, California) received her BA in English Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles (2004), her BFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute (2008) and her MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Tufts University (2012). Her work has been exhibited at the Brayer Gallery, Los Angeles; Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, among others. Hsieh has received a number of awards and recognition including an Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant (2015), a Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowship from SMFA (2012), a Montague International Travel Grant (2011) and being selected for Boston Young Contemporaries (2010). Her work has been featured in publications such as Fresh Paint Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine, Art Business News and New American Paintings. She is currently a Visiting Artist at Emily Carr University. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo show at Atrium 26 Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

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WNDW @ 943 E 10th Ave

WNDW @ 943 E 10th Ave

So excited to announce the next WNDW show will be from February 20th – March 6th at 943 E 10th Ave, featuring The Cactus Packing Project, a joint initiative by artists Jasmine Baetz and Christian Vistan.

The Opening and Artist talk will happen at the WNDW on Feb 21st from 2-4pm and I will be giving a tour of the exhibition on March 5th at 1130am.

Baetz and Vistan are interested in their nomadic identities and personal histories. The Cactus Packing Project is an ongoing collaboration that grew out of the time Vistan and Baetz spent in Vancouver together, and is inspired by the sculptural assemblage forms that Baetz’s cactus, Jorge, took when packed for a move.

In 2014, Baetz and Vistan started sending cacti to each other in the post, observing and documenting the symptoms and logistics of border-crossing transactions and transitory bodies, such as the cacti.

Baetz, originally from Ontario has resided in Mexico, British Columbia, and the United States, and is currently based in Boston; while Vistan, originally from Bataan, Philippines, currently resides in Vancouver. Both Baetz and Vistan are interested in how this jumble of locations and their specific histories relate to their respective identities. In confronting this puzzle of identity, Baetz and Vistan are considering how locales and local histories relate to their work and to the larger issues of displacement, nomads and nomadism(s).

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WNDW Info Sessions

WNDW Info Sessions

Hi Neighbours!

I’m hoping to expand a curatorial project I’ve been working on for the past year into the Burrard View neighbourhood.

WNDW is an itinerant gallery space that inhabits residential windows. The project aims to bring contemporary art out of self-selecting high culture areas placing it directly into the quotidian life of the residential street. WNDW is also a capacity building project- supporting Vancouver’s emerging artists by providing them with an innovative space to diaplay their work as well as supporting them financially through the payment of artist fees.

I’m looking for some community partners who would be willing to host WNDW galleries in their houses!

Can’t picture it? Here’s some documentation of our first installation last October.

Want to see it in action? Our next installation is Feb 20 – March 6 at 943 E 10th Ave.

More questions? check out this FAQ

Or stop by the field house during one of the following info sessions:

Feb 11, 2016 at 7pm
Feb 13, 2016 at 3pm
Feb 27, 2016 at 3pm

hope to see you there!


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WNDW gallery

WNDW gallery

Today I’m in the studio working with Vancouver based artist Kristine Suddaby on an upcoming installation of her ceramic sculptures for a new project I’ll be launching this fall called WNDW gallery.

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