July @ Burrardview: The School for Eventual Vacancy

I was excited to be able to invite the School for Eventual Vacancy to the fieldhouse for the month of July. I’ve been participating to a varying degree in this project since is started in May of this year. The school operates as a place to examine education as both a creative practice and political subjectivity.

Over the course of the month the School hosted 6 workshops based on the theme of Extra+Para Curricular Activities lead by myself, Joe O’Brien, Justin Langlois, and Andrew Phillips.

Check out the photos on my photo stream & if you want to play the version of Monopoly developed at our first session Eventually Capitalism Wins: Slowing Monopoly check out TSFEV participant Christian Vistan’s No Shoes Reading Room (a part of the Vancouver Art Book Fair) on Sunday October 18th 2-4pm, Vancouver Art Gallery Annex, 3rd Floor, Room 301.

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