Reading list: Art in the Making

I just picked up this new book by Glenn Adamson and Julia Bryan-Wilson on Friday and managed to crack onto it this morning.

Adamson is a perennial favourite of mine, his past projects include Thinking Through Craft and The Invention of Craft– books that question assumptions about making and value using examples from traditional and non traditional mediums.

In the first book (Thinking Through Craft) Adamson posits that Craft is most powerful when it is deployed as a verb (as in the ACTION of craft), rather than as a noun (as in the OBJECT itself). He argues craft is a complex methodology for thinking through our relationships to material culture, labour, and value systems.

In his second work, The Invention of Craft, Adamson traces the emergence of the concept of craft in relation to the production methods of the Industrial Revolution.

In effect Adamson’s work seeks to separate craft from its perceived (and frankly ungenerative) binary relationship to art, and uses the concept of craft as a framework to address the material conditions of artistic production.
This latest book, in written in collaboration with Julia Bryan-Wilson (who’s past work  Art Workers focusing on the politically oriented “art workers” of the 60s and 70s was named A Best Book of 2009 by Artforum) seems so far to be the culmination of these interests.

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