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Hi! Welcome to the Burrard View Fieldhouse blog!

I’ve been here in residence for almost 3 months, which seems hard to believe. Most of my time so far (other than the gargantuan task of amalgamating my 3 former studio spaces into 1 space) has been spent planning for the next few years :| and applying for grants, which is an important, if somewhat tedious, part of working as an independent artist.

Thankfully that work has started to payoff! I just went to pick up the fruits of my first grant application: a cheque for $800. Small as it might be, it feels great to have a little bit of payoff for the past few months work!

This small grant, thanks to the Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grant project is for a small part of what i’m calling the Neighbourhood as Archive project. The project is interested in treating space as a palimpsestic* text, aiming to uncover and make legible pockets of knowledge that lie latent within the fabric of a community, rethinking what is possible to know and experience in the heart of a neighbourhood. This project is going to form the spine of my time at the residency.

Specifically, this grant is going towards a part of this larger project called Window Gallery, a nomadic gallery space that takes over residential windows and shows the work of emerging artists in Vancouver.


*the literal definition of palimpsest is as follows:

1. A manuscript, typically of papyrus or parchment, that has been written on more than once, with the earlier writing incompletely scraped off or erased and often legible.
2. An object or area that has extensive evidence of or layers showing activity or use
I like to think about places and spaces as palimpsests, particularly neighbourhoods. These spaces have been written over again and again, and I think still show the edges of their many pasts.


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